Update: iShares DivDAX® UCITS ETF (DE) (EUR)

Dividendentitel sind in Zeiten von Niedrigzinsen eine interessante Abwechslung. Zudem gehören DAX-Konzerne zu den spendabelsten Dividendezahlern. Die 15 verschiedenen Einzerwerte sind stark Exportorientiert.

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Rolle im Portfolio

The iShares DivDAX ETF is designed for investors who seek exposure to the higher-yielding large-capitalisation segment of the German stock market. It could be used as core holding for German-based investors or as a tactical tool to manage single-country, dividend-tilted exposure in a globally diversified portfolio.

The portfolio consists of the 15 highest-yielding blue chip companies included in the DAX, diversified across several sectors. All constituents share one common characteristic – they are export-oriented and therefore not highly dependable on Germany or even Europe for revenue generation. Given its global revenue exposure, the DivDAX Index displays high correlations with geographically broad-based indices such as MSCI High Dividend World (70-75%) or MSCI High Dividend Yield Europe (85-90%). As such, the diversification benefits of this ETF within a geographically broad-based equity portfolio are limited. However, by the same token, this ETF could be used as proxy for those markets.

This ETF is suitable for income-seeking investors as it distributes dividends on a quarterly basis.

Fundamentale Analyse

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